About Us

Hi and welcome!

We are Alina and Tim, and we are two traveling teachers, working our way around the world by teaching.

Most of our time is taken up with teaching as our main employment, and from that we, explore, eat, drink, socialize and travel, moving from country to country and school to school – we have no plans on stopping this exciting adventure and it is instilled in us forever, it’s what we love.

Planet Earth is a huge wonderful place, gigantic in size when you really stop and think about it, a constantly changing environment. We both believe it should be explored as much as possible in any persons lifetime, so what better way to do it than teach our way around the world and learn all about it at the same time – as teachers, first and foremost we are learners too.

Staying in that typical comfort zone is the easy option for anyone, getting out there and doing something is the hard part, after all, isn’t it what you’re “supposed” to do, right?

Well, we choose otherwise and left nothing behind except our friends and family. We truly hope that this blog-site is an inspiration to you to simply “pack up and go” on your own exciting adventure, just like we have done”.

We are passionate about travel and love the thrill of stepping into a new culture, a new country, a new climate and a new beginning year on year.

Back in 2013 we both met at a music festival in Serbia, fell in love, jacked in our 9-5 jobs, sold “everything” settled all our debts, left no trace and condensed into 20 KG and bought a one-way ticket to Asia!

This is our story.

Transient Teachers

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